Solar Powered Car Window Fan, ABS Auto Solar Ventilation Fan for Car,Car Amplifier Cooling Fans,Solar Car Fan Window Vent,Car Solar Exhaust Fan for All Kinds of Cars

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ADJUSTABLE ANGLE---The outer solar panels are multi-angle adjustable, allowing for effective sunlight absorption. This solar power supply conserves energy and protects the environment without increasing the car's power consumption.
THREE DUCT---The three duct and three motor design significantly improve exhaust speed. By using solar power, it utilizes clean energy and reduces environmental pollution. The high-efficiency three-turbine exhaust fan operates at 4500 rpm.
STAY AWAY FROM THE HEAT---The solar panel generates super-high-efficiency heat, preventing the car from getting hot. It helps eliminate the odor from new leather cushions, sweat on the steering wheel, and buttons.
PROTECT THE CONTENTS OF THE CAR---It reduces the vehicle's high-temperature cooling time, minimizes cooling fuel consumption, and slows down the aging of interior parts.