Insect Sting and Bite Relief, Bug Bite Healer for Chemical-Free Treatment of Insect Bites, Non-Toxic Natural Relief from Itching and Swelling, for Mosquito Bites

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Provides natural relief from bites and stings

Insect bites and stings are a part of nature; particularly in the summer. The insect bite healer BR60 enables you to treat bites and stings naturally, without the need for chemicals. Using heated plates, the BR60 relieves itching and swelling and accelerates the healing process. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to keep the Beurer Insect Bite Healer close to hand even when you’re on the go.

Key features of the BR60 at a glance:

  • Relieves itching and swelling
  • Without chemicals
  • Program 1: for the first application, Program 2: for regular applications
  • Suitable for children and adults and safe to use in pregnancy
  • Fast-heating ceramic plate
  • Compact and lightweight

If you’re susceptible to insect bites and stings, having the BR60 to hand can bring you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Targeted application of heat to the affected area accelerates healing.

Unpleasant side effects such as itching, burning and swelling are reduced.

Don't worry if it stings

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, insect bites can hardly be avoided. The BR60 helps to treat insect bites.

Ideal for Traveling

Thanks to its compact design and battery operation, you can take the BR60 with you anywhere - whether for hiking, camping or traveling.

Suitable for the whole family

Since the BR60 uses heat alone and requires no chemicals, it’s suitable for the whole family. Application is even safe during pregnancy.