High-frequency device for removing strong mites in the household

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The mattress vacuum cleaner has super suction power, high-frequency vibration function combined with 12kpa suction power, which can remove dust and dirt deep in the mattress.

(Improved HEPA filtration system)
The bed cleaner uses the latest HEPA filter element for deep cleaning, capturing fine particles and isolating large dirt particles, sealing well against dust and dirt, and the exhausted air is fresh and pollution-free.

  • (Enhanced purple light and pulsating function)

    U-shaped purple light has a longer range and high-intensity 260nm cold light, which can effectively remove 99.7% of dirt. The mattress cleaning machine is equipped with dual pulsating pads that vibrate at high frequencies to bring deep-seated dirt to the surface of the fabric.

  • (strong suction)

    The mattress cleaning machine has a suction power of 12kpa and a motor of 50W. A targeted mattress vacuum removes dust and dirt from fabrics and thoroughly cleans your bed, pillows and carpets.