An essential DIY tool, the mini manual nail gun makes small projects easy!

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1. Quality. The spray gun is made of durable metal, equipped with a non-slip rubber handle and anti-slip guard, and an explosion-proof barrel, making it safe and durable.
2. Compact and convenient design. Light weight, small size, one-handed operation, comes with a plastic box for easy carrying of the machine and nails.
3.Double muffler. Thickened steel mufflers reduce noise, improve safety, and make construction environments more comfortable without disturbing family members and neighbors.
4.Easy to use. While holding the muffler sleeve with your hands, press back several times to remove any residue for the next operation.
5. Wide application. Suitable for red brick walls, concrete walls, 8mm aluminum alloy wire tubes and thick wooden boards. No large amounts of dust,
Energy saving and environmental protection
6. Power control, three-level adjustment, adjustable to suit different design requirements.